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Local Educational Agency Plan




Per the “No Child Left Behind Act of 2001” all public school districts must have a Board-Approved Local Educational Agency (LEA) Plan; and, it must be available to the public. 

This is RDUSD's Five-Year LEA Plan effective through 2013-2018.  (See bottom of page)

INTRODUCTION:   The approval of a LEA Plan by the local school board and State Board of Education is a requirement for receiving federal funding sub-grants for NCLB Programs.  The LEA Plan includes specific descriptions and assurances. In essence, LEA Plans describe the actions that LEA's will take to ensure that they meet certain programmatic requirements, including student academic services designed to increase student achievement and performance, coordination of services, needs assessments, consultations, school choice, supplemental services, services to homeless students, and others as required.  In addition, LEA Plans summarize assessment data, school goals and activities from the Single Plans for Student Achievement developed by the LEA's individual schools.

The LEA Plan can serve as a summary of all existing state and federal programs and establish a focus for raising the academic performance of all student groups to achieve state academic standards.  In the context of this Plan, improvements in instruction, professional development, course offerings, and counseling and prevention programs are means of achieving specific academic and support services goals for all groups of students, including identified under-performing student groups. 

Federal law requires that school site administrators, teachers and parents from the LEA (which includes direct-funded charter schools) must be consulted in the planning, development and revision of the LEA Plan.

Local Educational Agency Plan 2013-2018

Year 3 Corrective Action (English) ♦ Año Acción Correctiva (Español)

Elementary and Secondary Education Act Local Educational Agency Plan Goal 2 Budget Update 2015-2016