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Water Wells and Water Quality
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The District has four water wells in use and one backup well. The following information will provide the locations of each well and tell how the quality of the water is protected.


All wells are monitored under Federal and State regulations known as Title 22 in California. These regulations require monitoring for contaminants known to cause health issues. More information on Title 22 can be found at the State Water Resource Control Board


The District is required to provide an annual Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) which lists any contaminants that are detected in the testing of the water. While there are hundreds of chemicals and minerals on tested for only detected contaminants are on the report. A copy of the CCR’s for each well will be posted online before July 1st of each year starting in 2015.


Consumer Confidence Report Certification

The wells are tested monthly for bacteriological contaminants such as coliform and e.coli. All-District wells have tested negative in this sampling for many years.


The following information identifies each school that has a Water Well in use.

WALNUT GROVE ELEMENTARY - 2015 Sacramento County– One well which provides water to the school site only

BATES ELEMENTARY – 2015 Sacramento County - 2 WELLS:


Well #1 -  Main well which provides water to Bates Elementary, Courtland Fire Department, Mokelumne Continuation School, Library  and the Daycare Center


Well #2 is a backup well that can be used to provide water in case of a breakdown of the main well.


CLARKSBURG MIDDLE SCHOOL – 2015- Yolo County - 1 well which provides water to the Middle School and the Delta Elementary Charter School


DELTA HIGH SCHOOL – 2015 - Yolo County - 1 well which provides water to Delta High School only testing schedules are set and monitored by each county the well is located in.   




Sacramento County – Environmental Management Division

Yolo County – Environmental Health Division Phone 530-666-8646


ISLETON - 2014 Annual Water Quality Report

City of Rio Vista - 2014 Consumer Confidence Report


If you would like more information you may contact:

 Danny Alexander - Small Water Systems Operator @ or 916-997-0820


Craig Hamblin Maintenance and Operations Director @  or 916-417-3411

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