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English Language Learner Program

District ELL Contacts

Kathy Wright, Director of Educational Services
Carrie Norris, Coordinator
English Language Learners Program
c/o Walnut Grove Elementary School
14181 Grove Street ♦ PO Box 145 ♦ Walnut Grove, CA 95690
(916) 776-1844
School Site                                             Phone                         Contact Person
Bates Elementary School                    (916) 775-1771           Patty Bejarano
Walnut Grove Elementary School     (916) 776-1844           Linda Cummings
Isleton Elementary School                  (916) 775-6515           Ligaya Apalit
D.H. White Elementary School           (707) 374-5335           Mandi Friedel
Delta High School                                 (916) 744-1714            Jennifer Rodriguez
Clarksburg Middle School                  (916) 744-1717            Jennifer Rodriguez
Rio Vista High School                           (707) 374-6336           Stacy Knisley
Riverview Middle School                     (707) 374-2345           Sonia Rambo



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