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Notice of Vacancies

Areas V, VI & VII on the

Board of Trustees

Following the resignation of Trustee Fernandez, Trustee Area V and the August 12, 2020 application deadline for the November 2020 election ballot for the Board of Trustees for Trustee Areas VI & VII (Rio Vista Trustee Areas), it is necessary for the Board to appoint replacements to fulfill these required duties for the remainder of the 2020-2022 term (Clarksburg, Trustee Area V) and the term 2020-2024 Trustee Areas VI & VII (Rio Vista Trustee Areas). Registered voters residing in Trustee Areas V, VI & VII are invited to apply for an appointment to the Board of Trustees of the River Delta Unified School District.  Appointees will serve, beginning with being seated at the regularly scheduled Board meeting on December 15, 2020 held at approximately 6:30 p.m. until the next regularly scheduled Board election in November 2022 for Trustee Area V and November 2024 for Trustee Areas VI & VII. 

Application Procedures:

Applications may be picked up at the District Office (445 Montezuma Street) in Rio Vista,  and Delta High School (52810 Netherlands Avenue) in Clarksburg or be downloaded from the District’s web page: under Board of Trustees/Elections.

Applications (consisting of a Letter of Intent, Resume, Candidate Information Sheet, and answers to the Presentation Questions) are to be sent to:


                        Board of Trustees

                        c/o Superintendent’s Office

                        River Delta Unified School District

                        445 Montezuma Street

                        Rio Vista, Ca 94571-1651

The deadline for the receipt of candidate applications is October 6, 2020 at Noon.

Applicants must be present at the October 13, 2020 meeting of the Board of Trustees, to be held at 6:30 p.m. location to be determined. The meeting will be held remotely via Zoom Webinar if Stay-at-home orders are still in place or at Bates Elementary School in Courtland, California for the Public Hearing of their applications and Board interview. 

If you have any questions regarding the boundaries of Trustee Areas V, VI or VII, or the application procedure, please contact Jennifer Gaston, Executive Assistant, at 707-374-1711