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English Language Learner Program

District English Language Learners (ELL) Contacts

English Language Learners Program
c/o Walnut Grove Elementary School

14181 Grove Street ♦ PO Box 145 ♦ Walnut Grove, CA 95690
(916) 776-1844

Nicole Latimer, Chief Educational Services Officer

Carrie Norris, Coordinator of EL Services


School Site                                             Phone                         Contact Person

Bates Elementary                                 (916) 775-1771           Diann Torgeson / Maria Elena Becerra

Mokelumne High School                     (916) 775-1771           Diann Torgeson / Maria Elena Becerra

Community Day School                       (916) 775-1771           Diann Torgeson / Maria Elena Becerra

Walnut Grove Elementary School     (916) 776-1844            Jasmine Randall

Isleton Elementary School                  (916) 775-6515           Stacy Wallace

D.H. White Elementary School           (707) 374-5335           Mandi Friedel

Delta High School                                  (916) 744-1714          Nanci Rose

Clarksburg Middle School                   (916) 744-1717           Nanci Rose

Rio Vista High School                           (707) 374-6336           Katie Ingalls

Riverview Middle School                     (707) 374-2345            Jenny Strom / Marcy Rossi



Master Plan for All English Language Learners

River Delta USD - Master Plan for English Learner Success          English / Spanish

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