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2019-2020 Bus Schedules


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Bus #26 – South Grand Island

Scheduled Bus Run: Grand Island Road, Hwy 220 (South side), Ryde, Hwy 160 (south of Ryde), Poverty Road, Walker Landing Road, Tyler Island Bridge Road, Isleton, RVHS, Mokelumne High


Bus #16 – Sherman Island

Scheduled Bus Run: Sherman Island, Hwy 160, Oxbow Marina, Brannan Island Road, Jackson Slough Road, Isleton, RVHS, Riverview, RV, D.H. White


Bus #103 – Ryer Island

Scheduled Bus Run: Left Off Ryer Ferry, Hwy 220, R.V.H.S.  Riverview, D.H. White


Bus #27 – Walnut Grove

Scheduled Bus Run: Hwy 12 to Shiloh Road, Birdslanding (Fire House), Liberty Island, Homecoming, RVHS, Riverview, D.H. White

Bus #7 - Andrus Island

Scheduled Bus Run: Andrus Island, Isleton Road/Hwy 160, Hwy 220 (WG Only), Leary Road, Clampett Tranck, Locke, WG, CMS, DHS


NOTE: Homecoming High School Students Will No Longer Be Transported


Bus #104 – West Sacramento

Scheduled Bus Run: Hwy 160 to Bable Slough, East on Burrows, Rt. On So. River Road, Netherlands to Jefferson, Clarksburg, So. River Road to Bates


Bus #2 – Holland

Scheduled Bus Run: Courtland Road, Weigon, No. Courtland Road, Ryer Ave, W. Sutter, Morse, Jefferson Blvd., Gaffney, Clarksburg Road, Central, Netherlands, Willow Point


Bus #6 – Lambert

Scheduled Bus Run: Lambert Road, Herzog, Vorden, WG (H.S.), River Road, Hood, Randall Island, Bates, Delta/Clarksburg, Walnut Grove


Bus #21 – North Grand Island

Scheduled Bus Run: Hwy 160 Clampett, Ryde Hwy 220, North Grand Island, Sutter Island, Bates, Delta/Clarksburg


School Bus Safety Plan & Rules 

Plan de Seguridad y Reglas del Autobus

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