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River Delta Unified's State Preschool Enrollment Hub

Step One: EliGibility

Is my son/daughter eligible for RDUSD's State Preschool?

  • Live in attendance of the RDUSD area.
  • Priority given to Children ages 4-5 without prior preschool experience, and/or those with Child Protective Services involvement, disabilities/special needs, and dual language learners.
  • Meet the CSPP income eligibility guidelines.
  • Children ineligible for existing public preschool services and/or are on a waiting list.


Questions about Eligibility for RDUSD's State Preschool?

Contact the RDUSD State Preschool Office

Secretary: Lissette Casillas

Site Supervisor: Suzanne Cline

Site Principal: Stacy Wallace

Phone#: (916) 777-6515

412 Union Street

Isleton, CA 95641

Step THree: State Registration Form

After you have been contact by the River Delta Preschool and informed that you qualify you must complete the following: